The new bread crumb functionality allows users to easily track pivots and provides for the ability to visually understand how they progressed to a certain entity in the system.  Bread crumbs are helpful to investigators who may quickly dig down into RiskIQ data and become removed from the initial query, this functionality allows they to easily trace their steps back to the origin of their investigation.

How Breadcrumbs Work

When a user conducts a query in the platform the query result appears as the page header in bold text representing the record that is being viewed.  The query result also remains in the search bar allow a user to understand the entity that was currently searched for.

Once a pivot is made in the system from the original record queried, they system represents that pivot by moving the previous search result into a breadcrumb bubble and replacing it in the search bar with the entity that was pivoted on as is shown below.

The more pivots that an analyst makes, the larger the breadcrumb trial becomes in the search bar.

The breadcrumb feature becomes crucial the further into an investigation an analyst goes.  Additionally we hope breadcrumbs minimize the amount of PassiveTotal browser tabs an analyst need open as we are now tracking pivots via this updated feature.