Insights Dashboard


The Insights Dashboard acts like a summary for your Digital Footprint Inventory. The dashboard is split into three sections: Global Insights, Workspace Insights and Private Insights. Each insight has a title, description and count of assets associated with the particular query that makes up the insight. Clicking on an insight will automatically run the saved query against your Inventory. 

Insight Types

Global Insights are method for RiskIQ to provide expert opinion on important issues to monitor across our customer base. They also provide a mechanism for Rapid Responses to immediate threats that can assist our users to focus in on relevant assets to investigate.

A Workspace Insight can be created by a Workspace super user to be visible among other users in their organization. To request permission to be a Workspace super user contact your RiskIQ Customer Success representative. 

Private insights are those setup by individual users that are not shared with the larger organization. 

Building an Insight

Step 1

  1. In your workspace , access the Inventory screen and create a query then click Save.

Step 2

  1. Select  either Workspace Query or Private Query in the dropdown menu.
  2. Include a Title &  Description to give context to the Insight tile.
  3. Select the “Add to Insights” checkbox which will add it to the Insights Dashboard,
  4. Click Save

Step 3

Updating an existing Insight:

  1. Select the query from the saved query selector:
  2. Update query.
  3. Hit Save. You’ll get an option to save it under the existing query/Insight or create a new one.