Data Sorting & Filtering

Data Sorting and Filtering

The PassvieTotal platform allows analysts to access RiskIQ's vast collection of crawling data (Components, Trackers, Host Pairs) in and indexed and pivotable format.  This crawling data sets can be very large and allowing analysts to appropriately sort and filter the data provides the ability to manipulate the data to surface connections of interest.

Data Sorting

Sorting allows analysts to quickly access our data sets in the following manner:

  • Last Seen Descending (Default)
  • Last Seen Ascending
  • First Seen Ascending
  • First Seen Descending

Data can be sorted via the main entity search page and all of PassiveTotal's secondary query / pivots

Facet Filtering

Facet filtering allows analysts to access data based on known metadata associated with the entity queried

Host Pairs

Direction - Parent vs Child

  • Parent Host Name
  • Child Host Name
  • Cause Sequence


  • Tracker Type
  • Tracker Hostname


  • Category
  • Name
  • Hostname