Within the API settings of your workspace, you can set up an API Post URL. If this URL is set, then for each event-type with API POST enabled in it's configuration settings, a response will be pushed to the Post URL for the workspace anytime a new event is created or an existing event is updated (a change is made to status, owner, priority, tags or a note is added).

You can only set one Post URL per workspace, and that URL is used for all event-types.

A sample API Post URL set up for a workspace

This can be treated as a generic events web hook. If the full firehose of updates if posted to a URL, this can be used as an intermediary URL to filter only the certain changes and/or only display some subset of the values, and then to pass that JSON information onto a final destination for the purposes of creating customized alerts and integrations with other tools. For example, posting the response in a Slack channel. 

Sample Responses

Here are examples of the JSON response that will be sent to the configured post URL when a change occurs.


{"events":[{"eventID":44130437,"eventType":"CONTENT"}],"changeRecord":{"property":"Team","newValue":"Basketball","updatedBy":{"name":"Venki Muthusamy (RiskIQ)","userID":5011}}}


{"events":[{"eventID":44136326,"eventType":"CONTENT"}],"changeRecord":{"property":"eventPriority","newValue":"Medium","updatedBy":{"name":"Venki Muthusamy (RiskIQ)","userID":5011}}}Social


{"events":[{"eventID":44136326,"eventType":"CONTENT"}],"changeRecord":{"property":"owner","newValue":"6726","updatedBy":{"name":"Venki Muthusamy (RiskIQ)","userID":5011}}}Content


{"events":[{"eventID":44132686,"eventType":"CONTENT"}],"changeRecord":{"property":"reviewCode","newValue":"Review","updatedBy":{"name":"Venki Muthusamy (RiskIQ)","userID":5011}}}