Guided Tours

Tours will provide new and returning users with easy to follow tours of core system functionality such as our search capabilities and project features.  Tours allow users to quickly understand the power of the PassiveTotal platform and how to best make use of the system to conduct investigations.  This feature also gives the platform a seamless way to onboard new users and educate them on PassiveTotal.  When new users sign up, they will be prompted to take a tour to better learn how to use PassiveTotal.

Tour Example

To highlight the tour functionality available in the new platform, we will walk through the search tour as an example of how easy it now is to onboard a community user or perspective customer.

Sometimes users register for the system and don't know what to search for or how to best use the platform.  This can lead to a poor first impression and cause a user to not return.  The search results tour interactively walks a user through the PassiveTotal search process, provides them with a domain to query and shows them how to navigate the platform and best use the results returned. 

In this tour, we walk the user through basic functionality like tagging and classifying domains within the system.

From there, we explain the PassiveTotal Heatmap visualization and how a user should correctly interpret the results.

Next, we walk the user through the data sets available and how to filter this data based on facets.

We then move on to demonstrate the power of pivoting off of data in the platform.

Finally, we highlight the breadcrumb functionality to assist analysts in understanding the chain of pivots that brought them to the current page they are viewing in the platform.