Project Types

Project Types

RiskIQ's PassiveTotal platform allows users to develop multiple project types for organizing indicators of interest and indicators of compromise from an investigation.  This section discusses the different types of projects available to users.

Analyst Projects

Visibility: Individual Analyst

Analyst projects are designed to allow users to group related activity and easily collaborate with others in their organization on research initiatives. Projects also retain the history of an investigation over time, so as new details emerge, get researched, and added to the project, users can be sure they have an accurate audit history.  Analyst projects are denoted in the system as a red person icon and visible within the My Projects tab of the project view.

Team Projects (Enterprise Only Capability)

Team project provide the same functionality as individual analyst projects, but allows the project to be share with all teammates within an enterprise organizations for awareness and collaboration.  Team projects denoted by a red lock and are listed in Team Projects tab of the project view.

Visibility: Enterprise Organization Private

Community Projects

Visibility: Public

Community projects within PassiveTotal allow users to share both data and context that details the steps the analyst took to discover those indicators with the entire community . These projects are noted with a green open lock and can be view by all registered users in the Community Projects tab of the project view.

Featured Projects

Visibility: Public

Featured projects are community projects that the RiskIQ team has reviewed and decided to highlight to the entire community.  These projects are RiskIQ developed projects based on original research and OSINT reporting, as well as vetted community projects by trusted researchers or other security organizations.