As part of a mature Digital Risk Management program, Risk Reporting on a Digital Attack Surface is designed to help our customers prioritize the most immediate issues on their footprint to remediate. 

The module is built to create meaning, urgency and context from our own observed & ingested datasets. RiskIQ’s strengths and competitive advantage lie in our data gathering capabilities, data science and security program doctrine , the module will showcase these.

Your RiskIQ Score provides at-a-glance insight into your security posture outside the firewall. Based on your organization’s external exposure to digital threats, the higher your Score, the more secure your digital assets are. Over time, your Score will change—as threats are mitigated, your Score will go up. When new threats are exposed or new assets are discovered, your Score will go down. The platform provides tracking of changes over time and mitigation guidance to secure your external digital assets and improve your Score.